Argan Oil

Deep Repair, Featherlight Feel
Formulated with Moroccan Argan Oil
Argan Oil Deep Repair
Argan Oil Rich Moisture
Argan Oil EX Oil
Argan Oil Hair Treatment Cream
Deep Repair, Featherlight Feel
A winning formula

Known as 'liquid gold', Argan Oil is an organic product extracted from the core of argan trees commonly found in Morocco. Rich in healthy and hydrating properties such as fatty acids and vitamin E, argan oil moisturises and promotes healthy hair growth.

This exotic precious blend not only repairs damaged hair, treats split ends but also leaves a veil of natural healthy shine.

High temperature compression technology

Compressed under 10,000m deep sea pressure, the beneficial
nutrients are locked in to beautify our hair.

Each oil compound is compressed into a larger surface, blending and spreading better to boost quicker absorption and to coat each hair strand with a light and elegant smooth finishing.

Customised again oil for you in different textures
Argan Oil Incredibly lightweight, yet deeply repairs hair for glow and suppleness
Argan Cream Lightweight cream infused with Argan Oil to moisturize and soften coarse hair
Light Floral Fragrance. UV Protection. Heat Protection.

  • Argan Oil Deep Repair
  • Argan Oil Rich Moisture
  • Argan Oil EX Oil
  • Argan Oil Hair Treatment Cream
Argan Oil Deep Repair
Argan Oil Rich Moisture
Argan Oil EX Oil
Argan Oil Hair Treatment Cream

Product development with the hair experts!

Are you often caught in the dilemma of wanting beautiful hair but tired of using hair treatment products that constantly weigh your hair down? You'll need to read this.
Professional Hairstylists at GARDEN

The right product and usage is key!

Using the wrong hair oil or applying too much product each time can weigh your hair down and make it feel greasy. Lucido-L Argan Oil has a lightweight formula that blends and absorbs easily into each hair strand for shinier and softer hair with zero weigh down.

User Testimonials

User Testimonials

Step-by-step guide to apply argan oil

Process 1

Towel dry hair after bath.

Process 2

Start off with 1 pump of Argan Oil first and add on again if needed. Remember, less is more!

Process 3

Spread Argan Oil evenly on palms first before applying from mid-portion of your hair. Use both palms to smooth your hair down.

Process 4

Blow-dry hair in a downwards motion.

Argan Oil - a must have for your hair

Beautifully styled hair ultimately begins with natural good hair quality and texture. The use of out-bath hair treatment products not only repairs and improves our hair condition but also enhances our hairstyling experience by working as a prep for styling products to work its magic.

Did you know?

Our hair cuticles open when we wet our hair or use shampoo in order to let the dirt wash out. To prevent moisture loss after bath, it is essential to use out-bath treatment products to seal back the hair cuticles.