Hair Wax #Moisture

Hair Wax #Moisture

Double hyaluronic acid care provides long-lasting moisture! Create shiny, lively and smooth hair with moisturising coating!

Suitable for dry, frizzy hair.

Arranging Power
Styling Techniques

Spread onto palms and smooth palms from hair crown to ends, concentrating on the ends.

Can also be used to tame stray hair at the hair parting and neckline.

  • Spread a small amount onto palms and between fingers.
  • Replace cap after use.
Hairstyles created with #Moisture
Key Features
  • Contains penetrating hyaluronic acid (moisturising ingredient)
  • Light fragrance (green floral scent)
  • Preservative free
Non-Sticky! Non-Sticky

Non-Sticky Powder absorbs the oil, reduces the stickiness yet retains the arranging power of wax for easy styling!

Moisturising! Moisturising

Formulated with 1/100th the size of regular hyaluronic acid.


<Mini Size> 20g

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Hair Wax #Moisture


Hair Wax #Moisture


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